Good health means dedicating time and energy to ourselves every single day and making positive choices for our bodies and minds! Our bodies are amazing machines that enable us to live full lives - full of love, laughter and excitement, but society has taught us to criticize it for its physical form instead.


My goal is for women to be more kind to their bodies and minds - no matter what shape they are in.  When you learn to love yourself the way you are, you will automatically make healthier choices. Ideally you will choose to lose weight or become stronger out of love for your body - not out of hate. 

 I know that for many women their negative mindset is the biggest hurdle to overcome, but also the most important one because happiness doesn't come with weight loss. Happiness is a choice you make.  


On this page you will find  tools to help you with just that. Expect to find book recommendations, podcasts, worksheets,  A + Y webinar recordings, online articles, anything that can help you find happiness in exactly who you are now. 



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