Motivation and Mastering the Art of Showing Up

Here's the thing about M O T I V A T I O N. It's a misconception that motivation is the spark needed to move into action. When in fact, it's the other way around. (Read that again!)

Regardless of what you want to get m

otivated about, the answer ALWAYS begins with action!

When developing a new skill, you need to practice fundamentals which is often the most tedious part of learning. But being able to appreciate the value of PRACTICE and its monotonous, repetitive nature is the secret to cultivating the skills you need to develop new healthy habits. As the brilliant author James Clear of Automic Habits writes, "Success is often found by practicing the fundamentals that everyone knows they should be doing, but they find too boring or basic to practice routinely. You have to fall in love with boredom."

There is nothing inherently sexy or exciting about waking up at the crack of dawn, when it's cold and dark, to go to the gym to lift heavy things, put them back down and lift them back up. Nor is it particularly stimulating to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday going grocery shopping and planning out your meals for the week. No, that's not exciting at all! What IS exciting is the prospect of a brand new life and the dividends you receive from investing in yourself.

"Doing small, incremental things over time lead to big changes."

- James Clear

As you begin your journey to transforming yourself and your life, consider these things:

  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable - When you feel uncomfortable, celebrate it! It means you're growing. Reframe your discomfort and overwhelm and accept it as part of the process. It's supposed to be hard.

  • Start simple - Don't tackle everything all at once. Instead, pick one thing that you will practice every day for a week and when you have completed a week, add something else to the practice. It can be as simple as drinking 3-4 liters of water every day or waking up 15 mins earlier every day. Pick something and do it.

  • Think of the big picture - Remind yourself of why you are trying to change and consider the consequences of NOT changing. Are you willing to be exactly where you are now, a year from now?

If you want a new lifestyle where you have the energy and vitality to spring out of bed, do all your favorite activities, keep up with your grandchildren, and live in a body that you love, you have to be willing to embrace the suck for a little while and do the work. The "work" itself is what it is. The suck is YOU resisting.

So, stop waiting for motivation to show up and cultivate it through action! You CAN do hard things.

Journal muse:

Start to think about your next year and take inventory of things that are no longer working in your life. Draw a line in the middle of the page. On one side, write "Things I would like to change" on the other side, write "What I'm willing to do to make the change." What you're willing to do will reveal the little steps you can take every day to achieve the bigger picture goal. Enjoy!


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