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This is not your typical weight loss program.

Nourished is a program designed to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle by first creating a healthy relationship with yourself. 

This program is for you if:

You have been on yo-yo diets for decades
Tired of feeling like crap all the time
You're ready to give up on your body
You've tried everything!
You have no idea how to prioritize YOU

This program is not for you if:

You are not ready to change
Looking for a magic pill or quick fix
You are not ready to do deep work
You don't believe that change is possible

Intro - Workshop

Please sign up to be notified when the next Intro to the Nourished workshop will be.  

Where: Yoga Amansala Studio 
1217 Park Street Alameda

When: TBD



Nourish your body and soul and walk away with...​

Mastery of your nutrition - you will learn how to plan and prep your meals, and gain awareness of what foods your body enjoys.

Confidence in your body - step into your power by redefining your relationship with your body.  

Mastery of your mind - you will have a clear understanding of how to manage negative thought process and skills to refram "failures" to opportunities for growth. 

Connection with like-minded women - create deep connections with women who are all striving to thrive in their bodies. 

reclaim their body and health!

Helping women

ISSA Transformation Specialist | PN LV1 Nutrition Coach | Health Educator | ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist 


I'm Coach Gerri

When I turned 50, everything changed. I suffered from chronic fatigue, brain fog, daily migraines, and poor health. I was 20lbs overweight, out of shape, and felt like crap everyday. Finally, on my 51st birthday, I decided enough was enough!

I hired a coach and worked my ass off for six months. I reached my goal and transformed my body. And while the number on the scale was fun to look at, what was even more rewarding was who I became in the process. At 54, I'm living my best life in the body I've grown to love. 

This transformation took more than counting my macros and exercising. It took a massive shift in my mindset. 

The most significant gift this new lifestyle has given me is the opportunity to share my experience with other women and help them live in a body they love. 


In her words...

Sue, Age 50

"I have wasted years of my life on faddy diets, pills, shakes, killing myself with cardio, whatever the latest craze was that would lead me to my magical goal weight. Through Gerri's gentle coaching, I came to understand my relationship with food and with the scale, and finally got to a place where I understand good health and what MY body needs to stay strong and age well. I am stronger in so many ways than I had ever anticipated. This program has taught me how to eat properly, the importance of routine and structure, how to lift heavy weights and develop a mad love for it, and most importantly of all, to love myself. 



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