Amplify + YOU
Transformation Journey



Get strong, lose weight, and amplify the best YOU ever in 2022! 

The Amplify + YOU Transformation Journey is your ticket to achieving the physique and mindset you've been dreaming of having. Not only will you lose weight, but you will reshape your body and learn everything you need to maintain your results. There is no magic pill, no gimmick, just six months of consistency and focused work. 


Women over 40+ who are ready to learn the correct way to lose weight and get off the yo-yo diet hamster wheel once and for all, this transformation journey is for YOU!  


Setting goals to lose weight and get healthier is a worthy endeavor but often not achieved because of poor planning, misinformation, and lack of support, which add up to a big waste of time. 


If you are a woman 40 and over and are ready to feel amazing in your body again, let's do this!!! 

Join me and ten other women ready to make this transformation.  

The Amplify YOU 6 month Transformation program includes: 

  • 1-1 weekly check-in & training 

  • Nutrition plan (adjusted as needed)

  • High-level education about fat loss and strength training 

  • Private Facebook group with a community of like-minded women

  • Monthly group calls and in-person meetings

  • Photoshoot at the end of 6 months (optional) 


Program start date:

Wednesday, January 5th

$1900 Total for six months (Less than $80/session)

Save $100 if you register by Wednesday, December 29th

All participants will start on the same day and be part of the same journey.  


Apply now to be considered for this amazing opportunity to reclaim your health and rock the body you've always wanted.


Text me at (510) 759-3957 or email if you have any questions.  



ISSA Transformation Coach   |   ISSA Nutrition Coach

Macros Queen   |   Health Educator   |   Free-style Chef

A client asked me once, "why did you get into coaching"? My answer was, "I'm a transformation junky!" I love seeing before and after pics (Yes, even of remodeled homes!) because I appreciate the journey it takes to get there. 


I love movement and growth, and I love being around people who are willing to step into the arena and dare to do the work needed to create a better version of themselves every day.  


It thrills me seeing my client's joy when they've reached certain milestones on their health and fitness journeys, and I love love love being a part of it!!! 


My coaching business was born out of my own fitness transformation.  I shared the same struggles and, I know exactly how it feels to hate the reflection looking at you in the mirror.  I ALSO know that it's possible to fall in love with that same reflection.  I chose to take the leap and cultivate a path to health, and now there's no turning back.


I no longer diet. I don't do hours and hours of cardio.  I have a healthy relationship with food, and I've maintained the same weight for some time.  It was a scary and often challenging journey, and I couldn't have done it without a coach.  Let's take the leap together and see what kind of magic we can make for YOU!


- Coach Gerri